Campaigns are masterpieces in marketing. A thoughtful and powerful campaign makes a difference, brings a brand to life and exceeds all goals. Instead of just an idea, we work with you to create a master plan for your brand.

First, we will have an in-depth discussion with you to get a good picture of your challenges and wishes. Based on this, we formulate ambitious but realistic goals together. Because just as a house needs a solid foundation, a campaign must be firmly rooted in a clear goal.

All expertise under one roof
To achieve the formulated goals, we put together a dedicated team for each campaign, with specialists in various disciplines. At Capital Advertising, we have the advantage of having all the necessary expertise under one roof: a creative design studio, original copywriters, driven online marketers and experienced project managers. A project manager with in-depth marketing knowledge is in charge and remains your permanent point of contact throughout the campaign.

High-profile and distinctive
The challenge is to translate the formulated strategy or positioning into a powerful, high-profile and distinctive idea. Thanks to our broad set of expertise, the images, texts and other expressions seamlessly fit together and reinforce each other. The following applies here: sharp slogans, beautiful visuals or funny videos are not an end in themselves. The success of your campaign takes precedence.

Unique, tailor-made campaigns
As Capital Advertising, we can safely say that we can handle campaigns of any calibre. We work both for large, global brands such as Invicta, TechnoMarine, Shimano and NN Running Team, and for smaller, local organisations such as Pulskens Worstenbrood and Anny van Buul Juweliers. Because of this variety of brands and campaigns, we are able to create a masterpiece for your brand too. With us, you are assured of a tailor-made, high-profile and result-oriented campaign that impresses and achieves your goals. Together, we bring your vision to life.

Coifman stair marketing automation header photo

S. Coifman
Legacy of grace

In 1906, Simon Coifman perfected his first watch movement in a small music box workshop in Chiasso, Switzerland. The result featured gold plating and rubies for the 17-jewel movement. From 1907, he began making timepieces for metalworkers, stonemasons, coppersmiths and other local craftsmen. His timepieces were soon recognised for their superior capacity and attention to detail. As a result, S. Coifman timepieces were soon nicknamed craftsman watches.

In 1911, influenced by renowned watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, Coifman managed to build his own tourbillon timepiece as a tribute to the great master. Shortly after his first creation, he was commissioned to make another. Since then, only four others have been commissioned and it is estimated that in today's market they would cost $200,000 each.


The Muppet Show

Visiting Miss Piggy and Kermit
the Frog

For international watch brand Invicta, we highlighted the special Muppets line featuring Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. Invicta has a partnership with Disney. Among other things, this provides the opportunity to market several watch lines featuring well-known Disney characters. One of those lines is thus based on The Muppets, featuring Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog, among others. For the photo shoot, Capital Advertising sought out the characters and its crew in Miami.

On behalf of Disney, seven people were on hand to dress and style Kermit and Miss Piggy. The right look of these celebrities obviously has to be strictly guarded.


TechnoMarine relaunch


In 2015, the prestigious Swiss watch brand TechnoMarine, shortly before acquired by the Invicta Watch Group in sunny Miami, approached us for a large-scale global relaunch. The challenge was clear: the brand needed a new identity and a powerful global campaign to present its unique vision and products to a demanding audience.

TechnoMarine has always appealed to people who value quality, style and adventure. Its watches are designed for those who can afford a high-end watch but embrace an active lifestyle. Think sporty watches that enjoy going on adventures with you, whether on the beach, during an intense fitness session, or a leisurely day of boating with friends. This sophisticated but adventurous target group was at the heart of our approach.

TechnoMarine Ibiza Hot Tub

NN Running Team Back2TheStreets

In the dynamic world of peak performance and groundbreaking athletics, NN Running Team has long been a symbol of dedication, determination and unparalleled passion. Behind every triumph of this elite team is a unique story. Sharing these stories with the world is a true art. This is where the power of our partnership with Global Sports Communication comes in.

In the run-up to the Berlin Marathon in autumn 2023, we launched 'Back2TheStreets'. In this compelling campaign, NN Running Team athletes impressively return to the places where they achieved memorable feats.


Be an Airman

A flight through time with iconic

Unique photo shoot at the historic Gilze-Rijen airbase.

Capital Advertising has built a reputation in campaigns for watch brands. Not surprisingly, in early 2017, Swiss company Glycine also signed up with our agency. A famous brand that could definitely use some new energy. Glycine has been making watches since 1914, which are especially popular among aviation enthusiasts. Over the years, it has maintained a specific line of watches that embody the brand's strong foundations and reflect their times. The company's heritage, combined with its emphasis on robust and reliable products, makes Glycine a respected name in Swiss watchmaking today.

Glycine pilot
Taxperience Einstein


Don't act standard. Set the standard

Get a tax and notary office. And make it different from all the others. Taxperience from Den Bosch hasn't been so standard for years. The team at Capital Advertising gave them a corporate identity to match that look. With iconic figures, vibrant colours and a new pay-off.

Let's start with that new pay-off: Don't act standard. Set the standard. A combination of the previous slogan 'not so standard' and Taxperience's ambition to do better than everyone else in the industry. In other words: to not conform to the standard, but to set a new standard itself.

Anyone who steps into Taxperience's office will see that this is not just a statement. It is a promise. With art on the wall, a statue of a monkey in the middle of the office and a team willing to always go the extra mile, the Bossche tax organisation shows that they are truly different from their industry peers.


Invincible in Detail

The spectacular comeback of Juan Manuel Correa

In line with the 'Invincible in Detail' campaign, Invicta and Capital Advertising travelled to Le Castellet in France in the summer of 2022, where they brought together a team of almost 20 people at the Paul Ricard race circuit. Among them was Formula 2 driver Juan Manuel Correa, who wore some unique racing watches as an Invicta ambassador. Over two days of filming, we captured plenty of great moments, in photo and video.

The word 'invincible' fits Juan Manuel Correa's description perfectly. The life of this driver from Ecuador resembles a boyhood dream: he achieves championships in karting in his home country and the US, makes a remarkable advance into Formula 4, GP3 and achieves podium finishes during his first year in Formula 2 in 2019. But then things go all wrong.

Juan Manuel Correa getting in his F2 auto

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A thoughtful and powerful campaign makes a difference, brings a brand to life and exceeds all goals. Instead of just an idea, we work with you to create a master plan for your brand.