In an age where digital innovations are the norm, gamification is no longer just a buzzword, but has become a crucial tool for companies that want to excel. It is a great way for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors, entertain their potential customers and achieve their marketing goals at the same time.

Gamification involves using game elements to encourage you to engage in specific behaviours. Offering enticing rewards, such as prizes or recognition, can significantly increase participation in a game. Moreover, gamification motivates you to enjoy performing even the most boring or tedious tasks. To take an example: children love making messes, but they prefer not to clean up. Until it becomes a game: "Whoever cleans up their Duplo first gets an ice cream!"

Gamification fits into online strategy in various ways. Consequently, there are multiple goals to be achieved by offering a game. Capital Advertising has applied gamification for several clients to achieve the set goal in a unique way.

Stand out
Every brand wants to stand out. But how do you make sure your content doesn't get lost among all the content on Facebook and Instagram? For clothing brand MIKKY KI. we developed an intriguing game during Halloween, a period that many companies anticipate and thus had a lot of content online. By incorporating MIKKY KI. items into a spooky game, we successfully motivated over 12,000 Instagram followers to interact with the brand and its products.

Increase engagement
Watch brand Invicta  already had a large fan base. By engaging their target audience in a playful way, fans felt they were truly part of the brand. In the run-up to the launch of Invicta's Marvel collection, we created an environment where fans could vote for their favourite character. On the one hand, we gave fans a voice and a sense of influence over the new designs. On the other hand, they were rewarded by being the first to discover the collection. Gamification was cleverly used to increase fans' engagement with the brand.

Generating leads
Nobody likes to give personal data, such as an e-mail address, gender or age, to a company. When a game element is added, it lowers the threshold and makes people (unconsciously) willing to do so. For Eliud Kipchoge, world marathon record holder and key member of NN Running Team, We developed a voting contest where you could guess the time within which Eliud was the INEOS 1:59 Challenge would run. Among other things, participants had a chance to win the one signed shirt of Kipchoge. More than 10,000 fans guessed, generating more than 10,000 leads.

Let's play!
Capital Advertising realises gamification for clients, from concept and implementation to promotion and lead generation. Our team consists of creative professionals who ensure a unique concept and professional design, supported by technical online marketers who develop applications from scratch and cleverly promote them through online ads and social media.

Game design Plantur-Pura

Pedal power unleashed

Plantur-Pura's cycling odyssey

In 2020, some cycling enthusiasts wondered what would happen if individual cyclo-cross champions united. They founded women's cycling team Plantur-Pura and brought together talented cyclo-cross riders from around the world to compete together in prestigious road races, such as the Tour de Femmes, Amstel Gold Race and Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Capital Sports supported Trespa International, the producer of title sponsor Pura, in terms of marketing and thus also played a role in this exciting cycling story.

Trespa International is known for high-quality and decorative facade cladding, including its Pura facade strips. This wooden panel material, with its natural look, is a perfect architectural element. Besides quality, Trespa International promises a customer-centric focus, in which safety, integrity, drive and passion are central.


Invincible in Detail

The spectacular comeback of Juan Manuel Correa

The word 'invincible' fits Juan Manuel Correa's description perfectly. The life of this driver from Ecuador resembles a boyhood dream: he achieves championships in karting in his home country and the US, makes a remarkable advance into Formula 4, GP3 and achieves podium finishes during his first year in Formula 2 in 2019, bringing him closer to the highest racing class.

But then things go completely wrong. During the Formula 2 race at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, Juan Manuel gets involved in a serious accident. His fellow driver Anthoine Hubert dies from his injuries, while Correa breaks both legs and suffers a spinal injury.

Juan Manuel Correa Activation Car

A bit smarter. A bit easier.

The perfect sidekick
in crypto

Interest in investing in crypto currencies has grown tremendously in recent years. But how do you do that when the only crypto you know is the cryptogram in the newspaper? On Anycoin Direct's platform, you can not only trade crypto, but also ask questions of experts. That makes Anycoin Direct the most customer-friendly crypto platform in Europe.

Customer-friendliest player
Anycoin Direct was founded in 2013 by three Dutch friends. They wanted to buy Bitcoin, but despite their IT background, that proved easier said than done. So they came up with the idea of creating their own crypto platform. Together, they built Bitplaats, a cryptocurrency exchange with a strong emphasis on service. Their platform quickly became a success, appreciated for its clear explanations and quick, helpful support when questions arise.

Gamefication Anycoin Direct Singles Day
CA website NNRT Gamefication

NN Running Team Back2TheStreets

In the dynamic world of peak performance and groundbreaking athletics, NN Running Team has long been a symbol of dedication, determination and unparalleled passion. Behind every triumph of this elite team is a unique story. Sharing these stories with the world is a true art. This is where the power of our partnership with Global Sports Communication comes in.

In the run-up to the Berlin Marathon in autumn 2023, we launched 'Back2TheStreets'. In this compelling campaign, NN Running Team athletes impressively return to the places where they achieved memorable feats.


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Gamification is a crucial tool for businesses. You can stand out from your competitors, entertain your potential customers and achieve your marketing goals at the same time.