The power of visual storytelling cannot be underestimated. Our creative studio is the beating heart of our agency, where designers get stuck into a wide range of challenging assignments. Whether it's a global campaign, a social media campaign, product design, web design, brochures, or more: it's all about telling your story through creative design.

Unique corporate identities
Your brand identity is the key to making your business stand out from the rest. Whether creating an entirely new corporate identity or refining an existing one, we go beyond just a logo and a colour palette. Our designers provide the core of your visual identity, including:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Illustrations & icons
But we go further than that. We also think along about the tone-of-voice, the lifespan of your corporate identity and the consistency with which it can be implemented. We do this for online and offline communications and for international and local clients.

Online & offline
We know that design is not limited to a screen. Our work includes creating an impactful visual presence for your brand, regardless of the medium. For example, fashion label MIKKY KI. originated at Capital Advertising. Since its launch in 2019, we have been closely involved with the brand. We have researched MIKKY KI.'s identity and positioning and translated it into a comprehensive corporate identity that is conveyed across various channels. From clothing designs to online images for the webshop, newsletters, social media and advertising campaigns - every detail has been worked out with care.

We also laid the foundations for the complete marketing communications of global brands such as Invicta and Glycine. This included not only watch packaging, but also the design of stands at the Baselworld trade fair and the design of flagship stores in New York (Times Square and World Trade Center).

International & local
But not only international brands come to Capital Advertising, branding or a new brochure line for a local company also gets our full attention. We always try to create a unique look that suits the company or brand. Every corporate identity tells its own story.

Newsletter Taxperience & APNT 1 test


Don't act standard. Set the standard

Get a tax and notary office. And make it different from all the others. Taxperience from Den Bosch hasn't been so standard for years. The team at Capital Advertising gave them a corporate identity to match that look. With iconic figures, vibrant colours and a new pay-off.

Let's start with that new pay-off: Don't act standard. Set the standard. A combination of the previous slogan 'not so standard' and Taxperience's ambition to do better than everyone else in the industry. In other words: to not conform to the standard, but to set a new standard itself.

Anyone who steps into Taxperience's office will see that this is not just a statement. It is a promise. With art on the wall, a statue of a monkey in the middle of the office and a team willing to always go the extra mile, the Bossche tax organisation shows that they are truly different from their industry peers.


Evi van Lanschot

Investing with an eye for the world

Investment partner for the future

Van Lanschot is the oldest independent private bank in the Netherlands with a history dating back to 1737. A bank with a reputation to frame, proving itself a partner to many enterprising and wealthy individuals. But it is also a bank that understands that times change. Thus was born Evi: the investment coach that brought private bank knowledge online. Capital Advertising co-founded Evi's identity and corporate identity and may now help it grow.

Targeted communication
What sets Evi apart is her professional, personal and experienced approach. She combines expertise with tailor-made investment strategies, with your financial well-being at the centre.

Evi van Lanschot

Invicta's SEC Magazine

Runs like

Invicta is one of the fastest-growing watch brands in the world. With hundreds of new releases and collaborations every month, developments follow each other at a rapid pace. Content abounds. Which is why SEC Magazine is published once a year. A bulky book in which the annual highlights are bundled and creatively highlighted. Capital Advertising handles the complete production for the Miami-based company, including editing, copy and design. The fourth edition was presented in February 2023.

"What started as an out-of-print magazine for Invicta fans has now become a fundamental part of the brand identity. SEC Magazine is distributed only to key relations and collectors and can rightly be called a collector's item."

SEC Magazine's strength lies in its magazine formula. We translated Invicta's target audience and message into an editorial pattern that forms the basis of all issues.

Invicta Sec Magazine inner work
Mikky Ki fotoshoot on the Dam


More than just a clothing line

From its launch in 2019, Capital Advertising has been actively involved with clothing brand MIKKY KI.. Together with Mikky, we looked at the brand's identity and positioning, and then used various channels to show what MIKKY KI. stands for. All in all, the result is a webshop with a lot of traffic and already a healthy turnover from a growing international customer base.

Ieder merk wil opvallen. Maar hoe zorg je ervoor dat je content niet verdwijnt tussen alle content op Facebook en Instagram? Voor MIKKY KI. ontwikkelden we een game tijdens Halloween, een periode waar veel bedrijven op anticiperen en dus veel content online aanwezig was.


Radboud Report Oncology

Insights, innovations and collaboration
against cancer

Radboud Report Oncology is a publication of the Radboudumc Centre for Oncology, developed in collaboration with Capital Advertising. The magazine, aimed at both medical professionals and interested parties outside the field, highlights the latest developments in cancer research and treatments. From the first editorial meeting to the final distribution, Capital Advertising plays an active role. This includes conducting engaging interviews, taking care of photography, writing texts and creating a visually appealing layout that perfectly matches the desired look.

Medical specialist Radboudumc

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A thoughtful and powerful campaign makes a difference, brings a brand to life and exceeds all goals. Instead of just an idea, we work with you to create a master plan for your brand.

Data & Technology

Marketing has long ceased to be just about creativity. The key to success lies in using data and technology to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience and turning this into effective strategies.

Social media

Today's social media landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. Whether it is organic content distribution or paid ads, we have the expertise to make your brand shine.

& Marketplaces

The shift from traditional to online shopping is a long-running trend. It is crucial to capitalise on this and create a strong online presence through an optimised webshop. But that is only the beginning.


An image often says more than a thousand words. A message comes through better when it captures the imagination. Photo and video are therefore perhaps the most important components of a strong campaign. We are very aware of this.


The marketer who haphazardly sends thousands of emails and push notifications is quickly labelled a spammer. Fortunately, things can also be smarter and more personal. Marketing automation offers the solution.

Sports marketing

For decades, we have associated our name with the world's greatest athletes and sports organisations. We do so with a shared commitment to top performance. The goal is always the same, the playing field different.


The power of visual storytelling cannot be underestimated. Our creative studio is the beating heart of our agency, where designers immerse themselves in a wide range of challenging assignments.

Huisstijl & Design

Gamification is a crucial tool for businesses. You can stand out from your competitors, entertain your potential customers and achieve your marketing goals at the same time.