E-mail, SMS and social media are basically excellent platforms for online marketing campaigns. But the marketer who haphazardly sends thousands of emails is quickly labelled a spammer. Fortunately, it can also be smarter and more personal. Marketing automation offers the solution.

What is marketing automation?
Marketing automation is sending the right message to the right audience at the right time. This process involves 'nurturing' potential customers so that they eventually proceed to a purchase. As soon as leads leave their details, it begins. They are stimulated by relevant content and commit to your product, brand or organisation.

For B2B and B2C
Many B2B companies have already embraced the benefits of marketing automation. Marketing automation requires a solid strategy and thoughtful implementation, but actually provides relief in the long run when leads come in and are nurtured automatically. Downloading a whitepaper, visiting a specific webpage and clicking on a link are all examples of 'triggers'. Once such an action occurs, the lead is registered and placed in a relevant stream of communication.

But marketing automation has also proven to be a valuable asset in the online marketing portfolio in the B2C sector. The number of conversions in e.g. online shops is significantly increased by using pop-ups, embedded content and automated e-mails to show the right message to the right target group at the right time.

Customer profiles
Using the right software, you build detailed customer profiles with marketing automation. Your online channels are linked and your website visitors and followers, and your customers are mapped. An individual and accurate customer profile helps you understand your target audience.

The next step is to send these customer profiles personalised content. Comprehensive customer profiles give you the insights to create personalised user experiences and execute targeted marketing actions. From simple personalised emails to fully automated customer journeys: your email open rates increase, your ROAS improves and your marketing team becomes more efficient. This ultimately leads to considerably more website or webshop conversions.

Reaching and touching the target group at the right moments is essential. Therefore, collecting and exploiting user data is nowadays indispensable in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Invicta dancer on a watch

Invicta Invincible in

At Capital Advertising, we are proud of our long-standing and fruitful partnership with Invicta Watch Group, one of the world's strongest-growing watch brands. What started as an exciting challenge to create a corporate campaign grew into numerous special projects around the world. Over the past eight years, we have completed countless projects for Invicta Watch Group. From Baselworld to the Bahamas, from Miss Piggy to Star Wars. We take you on a journey through some of our most remarkable achievements with Invicta.

It all started with a bold vision. Invicta Watch Group, with almost 200 years of watchmaking experience, had never before launched a large-scale corporate campaign. The team at Capital Advertising knew we had to create something exceptional. After extensive brainstorming sessions with Invicta's marketing team at their headquarters in Miami and with us in familiar 's-Hertogenbosch, the theme 'Invincible in Detail' emerged.


I'm possible

MIKKI KI. is more than just a clothing line

From its launch in 2019, Capital Advertising has been actively involved with clothing brand MIKKY KI.. Together with Mikky, we looked at the brand's identity and positioning, and then used various channels to show what MIKKY KI. stands for. All in all, the result is a webshop with a lot of traffic and already a healthy turnover from a growing international customer base.

Creative campaigns that stand out
Every brand wants to stand out. But how do you make sure your content does not get lost among all the content on Facebook and Instagram? For MIKKY KI. we developed a game during Halloween, a period many companies anticipate and therefore a lot of content was present online.

Models in Mikky Ki hoodies in Amsterdam

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A thoughtful and powerful campaign makes a difference, brings a brand to life and exceeds all goals. Instead of just an idea, we work with you to create a master plan for your brand.

Data & Technology

Marketing has long ceased to be just about creativity. The key to success lies in using data and technology to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience and turning this into effective strategies.

Social media

Today's social media landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. Whether it is organic content distribution or paid ads, we have the expertise to make your brand shine.

& Marketplaces

The shift from traditional to online shopping is a long-running trend. It is crucial to capitalise on this and create a strong online presence through an optimised webshop. But that is only the beginning.


An image often says more than a thousand words. A message comes through better when it captures the imagination. Photo and video are therefore perhaps the most important components of a strong campaign. We are very aware of this.

Sports marketing

For decades, we have associated our name with the world's greatest athletes and sports organisations. We do so with a shared commitment to top performance. The goal is always the same, the playing field different.

Corporate identity & design

The power of visual storytelling cannot be underestimated. Our creative studio is the beating heart of our agency, where designers immerse themselves in a wide range of challenging assignments.


Gamification is a crucial tool for businesses. You can stand out from your competitors, entertain your potential customers and achieve your marketing goals at the same time.


The marketer who haphazardly sends thousands of emails and push notifications is quickly labelled a spammer. Fortunately, things can also be smarter and more personal. Marketing automation offers the solution.