Today's social media landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. The constant stream of new platforms and trends requires a keen eye to keep up. This is why companies are increasingly turning to our social media experts to manage their channels. Whether it's organic content distribution or paid ads, we have the expertise to make your brand shine.

Organic growth
For businesses, achieving organic growth on social media often proves challenging. How do you get into the timeline of potential customers on a daily basis and which posts attract their attention? A thoughtful content strategy is the key to success. It's all about finding the right balance between what your company wants to share and what your customers want to see and like. We know what resonates and translate your message into engaging content that resonates.

Paid campaigns
All social media sooner or later opened their floodgates to advertisers. As a result, their repository of personal information suddenly became the most valuable data source in the world. Since then, companies have had access to extraordinarily specific audience segmentation. But many companies get lost in the network of algorithms and technical implementations. Capital Advertising's specialists are completely at home in this web and are happy to show the way.

Social advertising includes sponsored content on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It aims to reach and engage a specific target group. Advanced targeting options allow companies to efficiently deliver their message to the right users. This offers brands a unique opportunity to increase their visibility, boost conversions and build an authentic connection with their audience.

Why social advertising?
Social advertising is distinguished from other digital channels by its visual and interactive nature. While search engines focus mainly on users' search intentions and facilitating active purchases, social advertising allows brands to proactively reach target audiences even before they have a direct purchase intention. This makes social advertising ideal for attracting new customers and activating inactive ones.

Funnel strategy
For ongoing conversion-driven social advertising campaigns, we always work from a funnel strategy. A step-by-step approach in which prospects go from awareness to consideration and finally conversion in phases. Each phase has an advertising objective and message that matches the need at that moment. Thus, each phase is fed with new profiles and followed up with a different message. With this strategy, we allow the contact frequency to increase among the hottest prospects, making the likelihood of conversion the highest.

Appealing content
Social advertising is where clicks and creativity come together. On these visually oriented platforms, message, concept and design are essential for performance. We understand that attracting and retaining attention is not only about data, but also about telling a compelling story. From online strategists to a creative design studio, we have all the expertise to work together to bring your brand to life on social media.

Jumbo-Visma cyclist in action

Team Jumbo-Visma


At Capital Sports, we share a passion for two of the Netherlands' beloved sports: cycling and skating. For more than a decade, we have been proud partners of Team Jumbo-Visma Cycling, formerly known as LottoNL-Jumbo and Belkin. Over the years, we have witnessed the rise of the team and seen it transform into the best in the world, with top riders such as Jonas Vingegaard, Primoz Roglic, Wout van Aert, Dylan van Baarle and Marianne Vos taking victory after victory.

Since 2021, we are even located in the same premises as Team Jumbo-Visma's headquarters, making the lines of communication short and allowing us to fulfil our behind-the-scenes servant role as professionals. But our involvement goes beyond a professional role; we are often present at events such as the start of the Tour de France and classics such as the Tour of Flanders and Milan-San Remo to encourage the athletes.


Taste the success

Hook up with Pulskens Sausage Bread

Pulskens Worstenbrood is pure passion. As lovers of the delicious Brabant tradition, we at Capital Advertising are quite proud to support this producer in the field of marketing and communication. At Capital Advertising, we not only love good campaigns. We also never turn down a sausage roll. That is why we doubly enjoy working for Pulskens Worstenbrood.

Sales of sausage rolls show two peaks every year: one is just before Christmas, the other a few days before Carnival. It was up to Capital Advertising to use good communication to raise awareness of Pulskens' sausage rolls throughout the year. A campaign on Facebook and Instagram, loaded with topical messages each time, proved to be the key to success.

Pulskens social media Instagram mockup

A bit smarter. A bit easier.

The perfect sidekick
in crypto

Interest in investing in cryptocurrencies has grown tremendously in recent years. But how do you do that when the only crypto you know is the cryptogram in the newspaper? On Anycoin Direct's platform, you can not only trade crypto, but also ask questions of experts. That makes Anycoin Direct the most customer-friendly crypto platform in Europe.

PSV spelers voor Anycoin Direct content
Taxperience voyager


Don't act standard. Set the standard.

Get a tax and notary office. And make it different from all the others. Taxperience from Den Bosch hasn't been so standard for years. The team at Capital Advertising gave them a corporate identity to match that look. With iconic figures, vibrant colours and a new pay-off.

Let's start with that new pay-off: Don't act standard. Set the standard. A combination of the previous slogan 'not so standard' and Taxperience's ambition to do better than everyone else in the industry. In other words: to not conform to the standard, but to set a new standard itself.

Anyone who steps into Taxperience's office will see that this is not just a statement. It is a promise. With art on the wall, a statue of a monkey in the middle of the office and a team willing to always go the extra mile, the Bossche tax organisation shows that they are truly different from their industry peers.


Be an Airman

A flight through time with iconic

Capital Advertising has built a reputation in campaigns for watch brands. Not surprisingly, in early 2017, Swiss company Glycine also signed up with our agency. A famous brand that could definitely use some new energy.

Glycine has been making watches since 1914, which are especially popular among aviation enthusiasts. Over the years, it has maintained a specific line of watches that embody the brand's strong foundations and reflect their times. Striving for excellence at affordable prices is a cornerstone of the Glycine philosophy. The company's strong heritage, combined with an emphasis on robust and reliable products, makes Glycine a respected name in Swiss watchmaking today.

Be an Airman Glycine campaign image

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A thoughtful and powerful campaign makes a difference, brings a brand to life and exceeds all goals. Instead of just an idea, we work with you to create a master plan for your brand.

Data & Technology

Marketing has long ceased to be just about creativity. The key to success lies in using data and technology to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience and turning this into effective strategies.

& Marketplaces

The shift from traditional to online shopping is a long-running trend. It is crucial to capitalise on this and create a strong online presence through an optimised webshop. But that is only the beginning.


An image often says more than a thousand words. A message comes through better when it captures the imagination. Photo and video are therefore perhaps the most important components of a strong campaign. We are very aware of this.


The marketer who haphazardly sends thousands of emails and push notifications is quickly labelled a spammer. Fortunately, things can also be smarter and more personal. Marketing automation offers the solution.

Sports marketing

For decades, we have associated our name with the world's greatest athletes and sports organisations. We do so with a shared commitment to top performance. The goal is always the same, the playing field different.

Corporate identity & design

The power of visual storytelling cannot be underestimated. Our creative studio is the beating heart of our agency, where designers immerse themselves in a wide range of challenging assignments.


Gamification is a crucial tool for businesses. You can stand out from your competitors, entertain your potential customers and achieve your marketing goals at the same time.

Social media

Today's social media landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. Whether it is organic content distribution or paid ads, we have the expertise to make your brand shine.