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Zaltbommel-based Cagemax is a leading player in the animal proteins and fats market. With a global reach and an impressive network of suppliers and buyers on almost every continent, Cagemax shines on the international market. Antarctica is the only exception to their global presence. 
Cagemax campaign 2 Dear to be great poodle
Turtle with rocket on its back on the athletics track
Rooster flies at plane height

The products supplied by Cagemax act as essential raw materials in various industries, including compound feed, pet food, fertilisers and bioenergy. They play a crucial role in the growth and development of animals and plants, and they form the backbone of the industries they serve. Cagemax stands not only for quality and reliability, but also for innovation in a constantly evolving market.

Dare to be great
Cagemax contributes to the growth of animals and plants, as well as that of its customers. With the slogan 'Dare to be great' and matching striking and creative campaign images, we not only put the Cagemax brand in the spotlight, but also convey an inspiring message. Think big and aim for the highest. Like a turtle that wants to be the fastest on the athletics track and a chicken that wants to fly to the moon.

Besides creative campaigns, we offer Cagemax extensive support in online marketing and in preparing for several major trade shows around the world. We show the large target group in Africa the way to Cagemax via search ads in Google and we retarget website visitors with appealing display banners. All with the aim of increasing brand awareness and generating more leads. Using a solid social media strategy with engaging content, we increase customer engagement and tell the Cagemax story. In a grand manner.

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