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At a time when the energy issue is gaining global attention, there is a growing awareness of the vulnerability of fossil energy sources and the urgent importance of reducing CO2 emissions to combat climate change. CORE, formerly known as Recair, is a world leader in heat exchangers for both residential and office buildings. CORE firmly believes that energy needs are actually smaller than we often realise. Often the energy required is already in ample supply, but is unnecessarily wasted, for example through uncontrolled ventilation to the outside. If homes, schools and office buildings virtually stop losing energy through ventilation, the need for energy will decrease dramatically, significantly reducing concerns about global fossil fuel reserves.

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CORE's heat exchangers ensure that the air in a home or office is completely refreshed by 'fresh outside air', with hardly any energy loss. Over 90% of the energy of the outgoing air flow is transferred to the incoming air. This fresh air is brought to almost full temperature with CORE's exchangers, without the airflows coming into contact or mixing.

This methodology, which is groundbreaking and sheds a completely new light on energy issues, requires a strong communication approach. International. Because the climate issue does not stop at the border. That is why we developed a website in eight languages and created satellite websites for even more countries. Because the principle of CORE demands attention. Not only from consumers. Also from politicians, producers and civil society organisations.

With this communication approach, we spread the revolutionary concept and awareness about the need to use energy more efficiently and sustainably. Together, we are building a better future for our planet and future generations.

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