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Capital Advertising has built a reputation in campaigns for watch brands. Not surprisingly, in early 2017, Swiss company Glycine also signed up with our agency. A famous brand that could definitely use some new energy. Glycine has been making watches since 1914, which are especially popular among aviation enthusiasts. Over the years, it has maintained a specific line of watches that embody the brand's strong foundations and reflect their times. Striving for excellence at affordable prices is a cornerstone of the Glycine philosophy. The company's strong heritage, combined with an emphasis on robust and reliable products, makes Glycine a respected name in Swiss watchmaking today.

Glycine Airman collectie abri
Pilot at aircraft Glycine Airman collection
Glycine website and newsletter mockup

Glycine's collection includes both Quartz-powered and automatic watches, produced to the highest standards. Glycine founder Eugene Meylan strove for absolute perfection with his first models. This commitment to excellence and quality lives on in current models, such as the Airman, the Airpilot, the Bienne and the Combat. Glycine watches continue to maintain the highest standard of quality. It is up to Capital Advertising to showcase this quality and legacy to the world.

Be an Airman
To capture the essence of the brand, we descended on the historic Gilze-Rijen airbase for a unique photo shoot. Our campaign, titled 'Be an Airman', honours one of Glycine's most iconic watch models. Various assets were developed by us, including advertisements, brochures, commercials and trade fair presentations. We also take on the interpretation of Glycine's social media, allowing the brand to connect with its enthusiastic community of watch lovers worldwide.

During the photo shoot, we took great pleasure in using the fine collection of old aircraft that the Stichting Vliegsport Gilze-Rijen has collected and keeps airworthy here. A group of former Royal Air Force pilots have the Tiger Moth, the Fokker S.11, the Spitfire and the B-25 Mitchell on display here. The contrast with the Apache helicopters that fly off and on here is almost a metaphor for the watches that combine the charm of yesteryear with the high-end technology of today. Since 2017, sales of the brand have soared.

On autopilot
Capital Advertising is not only responsible for the campaigns, we also work daily to ensure the success of the webshop of Glycine. Within e-commerce, everything is about conversions, in Glycine's case about watch sales. To achieve as many conversions as possible, collecting and deploying data is crucial. We do this in large numbers through search engines, social media and Glycine's website. With the collected data, we build customer profiles, which we then place in different segments. It is the start of several marketing automation journeys we have set up for Glycine. Think of a birthday congratulation with a discount, an e-mail reminding you of products in your shopping basket and pop-ups with special offers. Piece by piece triggers to (still) buy that nice watch.

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