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Heineken's story began with a microbrewery 140 years ago. Today, Heineken is the world's number one beer brand, with 25 million Heineken beers served daily in 192 countries. Despite its global presence, Heineken has never forgotten that the essence of quality is not measured in the size of the brand, but in the refreshing taste sensation of the beer. Heineken upholds the vision of its founder, Gerard Adriaan Heineken, in which quality, perfection and refreshment are central.

Heineken abri Den Bosch
Heineken bus shelter in Den Bosch
The gigantic amount of Heineken beers consumed worldwide come largely from the Heineken brewery in 's-Hertogenbosch. The Dutch multinational not only has a rich history in creating distinctive beers, but also a deep-rooted connection with the city where its beers are brewed. This connection is shaped by working with local partners. Capital Advertising is partner for communications in and around the Heineken brewery.

We profile Heineken as a great employer and an organisation with an eye for the region and the future. In addition, we provide a number of means for internal communication using video and print, which are not only used at the brewery in 's-Hertogenbosch. Meanwhile, the Zoeterwoude and Amsterdam branches have also found their way to our agency.

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