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Den Bosch

Dribble, pass, dunk... alley-oop score! There is hardly time to cheer, because the other team is already dribbling away. As soon as you enter the Maaspoort, home of Heroes Den Bosch, you feel it: this is going to be a spectacle. Stunning three-pointers, blocks and dunks are interspersed with riveting breaks, where acrobatic dance acts and half-court shots hold your attention. Heroes is definitely one of Den Bosch's best-kept secrets.

As the club's partner, Capital Sports' mission is to reveal this secret to a wider audience. Because sport at the highest level and entertainment that rivals that level deserve to be seen by as many people as possible. The goal is to increase the fan base, attract new sponsors and promote basketball inside and outside the Brabant capital.

Heroes Den Bosch
Heroes Den Bosch
Capital Advertising LED boarding at Heroes Den Bosch match

Record number of national titles
Let us open a book in advance. In its rich history, Heroes Den Bosch has won no less than 17 national titles. No other Dutch club has won more than ten national titles. Only Heroes therefore has a gold star above the club's logo. In addition, Heroes welcomes both national and international basketball talent. With players from Australia, the United States, Latvia and Norway, Den Bosch is home to basketball heroes from all over the world. And with an average height of over 2 metres, you can't ignore them.

A good reason to be a fan, right? Especially for Capital Sports. That's why we entered into a partnership with Heroes Den Bosch in 2023. As a partner, we are committed to giving this top Dutch club the attention it deserves. We do this through social advertising and with creative actions in ticket sales, to name but a few examples.

Spectacular success
Fortunately, Heroes makes our job a lot easier ánd more fun. Because once you are on the sidelines at a home game, in the front row and with your feet on the floor like only basketball can, you never really want to leave. This is also what we notice with the customers we have introduced to the sport. Several partners we took to a game now support Heroes Den Bosch as a sponsor. For them, attending a basketball match is not only a spectacle, but also a business success.

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