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E-commerce success with eye-catching

From its launch in 2019, Capital Advertising has been actively involved with clothing brand MIKKY KI.. Together with Mikky, we looked at the brand's identity and positioning, and then used various channels to show what MIKKY KI. stands for. All in all, the result is a webshop with a lot of traffic and already a healthy turnover from a growing international customer base.


Creative campaigns that stand out
Every brand wants to stand out. But how do you make sure your content doesn't get lost among all the content on Facebook and Instagram? For MIKKY KI. we developed a game during Halloween, a period that many companies anticipate and thus a lot of content was present online. By incorporating MIKKY KI. items into a spooky game, we successfully motivated over 12,000 Instagram followers to play along and interact with the brand and its products.

The Halloween game was not only an opportunity to stand out, but also to build a community. We made sure followers were not just consumers, but felt they were part of a bigger story. They didn't just buy clothes, but became part of the MIKKY KI. community.

Dream with me
At MIKKY KI. it's not always about action and sales. The brand also genuinely cares about people. On 8 July 2017, footballer Abdelhak Nouri collapses from a cardiac arrest, taking his promising career to a dramatic turn. His family, inspired by his life motto "everyone can participate", set up the Abdelhak Nouri Foundation on 8 July 2022. MIKKY KI. immediately supported this mission. As a tribute to the footballer and close friend, Mikky launched the Dream With Me collection in 2020, symbolising self-confidence, strength and perseverance.

From the launch of the collection, Mikky has aimed to use the proceeds to support young people on the sidelines. With the official establishment of the Nouri Foundation, MIKKY KI. directly contributes to the installation of 34 AEDs in 34 Dutch cities, in tribute to Appie's back number during his Ajax period.

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