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In 1906, Simon Coifman perfected his first watch movement in a small music box workshop in Chiasso, Switzerland. The result featured gold plating and rubies for the 17-jewel movement. From 1907, he began making timepieces for metalworkers, stonemasons, coppersmiths and other local craftsmen. His timepieces were soon recognised for their superior capacity and attention to detail. As a result, S. Coifman timepieces were soon nicknamed craftsman watches.
S. Coifman

In 1911, influenced by renowned watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, Coifman managed to build his own tourbillon timepiece as a tribute to the great master. In the process, he added his signature elegance. News of this considerable achievement spread quickly and shortly after his first creation, he was commissioned to build another. Since then, only four others have been commissioned and it is estimated that in today's market each would cost $200,000.

In 1953, S. Coifman was commissioned to make an 18-carat gold Red-12 Mechanical for a select group of collectors. The numbered pieces included a limited-production manual-winding Valjoux chronograph movement with two counters. Each part was hand-engraved, with all steel edges also beveled by hand.

In 2004, after several decades of inactivity, the S. Coifman brand was acquired by Invicta Watch Group and carefully revived. Retaining the roots and spirit of its founder, the company still remains based in Chiasso, almost a century after Simon Coifman created his first timepiece there. Today, the S. Coifman brand maintains its reputation for excellence and refinement. All pieces are exclusively hand-built by an S. Coifman watchmaker. By capturing the original aesthetic in design and craftsmanship, the beauty of an S. Coifman watch inherently distinguishes the casual collector from the dedicated connoisseur. The legacy continues.

Capital Advertising developed the 'Legacy of grace' global campaign for the luxury watch brand. The result was an overall classic look with a defiant bite. The stylish photography session for this challenging campaign took place in an old (English) country house under the smoke of Rotterdam. The campaign was presented at the annual watch fair Baselworld.

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In 1906, Simon Coifman perfected his first watch movement in Chiasso, Switzerland. A year later, he started manufacturing time instruments for metalworkers, stonemasons, coppersmiths and other local craftsmen.

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