Completely new brand identity

Sparkling image as inspiration for corporate identity upgrade

Get a tax and notary office. And make it different from all the others. Taxperience from Den Bosch has not been so standard for years. The team at Capital Advertising gave them a corporate identity to match that look. With iconic figures, vibrant colours and a new pay-off.

Don't act standard. Set the standard.
Let's start with that new pay-off: Don't act standard. Set the standard. A combination of the previous slogan 'not so standard' and Taxperience's ambition to do better than everyone else in the industry. In other words: to not conform to the standard, but to set a new standard itself.

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Anyone who steps into Taxperience's office will see that this is not just a statement. It is a promise. With art on the wall, a statue of a monkey in the middle of the office and a team willing to always go the extra mile, the Bossche tax organisation shows that they are truly different from their industry peers.

Abstract but recognisable
Taxperience's sparkling image was the inspiration for the new corporate identity. To develop it, the Capital Advertising team looked for an image that says it all, but does so in an implicit and subtle way. This resulted in a concept in which core qualities of Taxperience - for example innovation, creativity and commitment - are linked to distinctive figures from world history.

Fifteen icons found their way to the drawing board. The aim was to make the people recognisable, without using their portraits. We all know Albert Einstein's hair, Salvador Dali's moustache and Steve Jobs' turtleneck. These characteristics are reflected in the colourful and abstract images, which implicitly tell everything about what Taxperience stands for.

Corporate identity in house
The abstraction also allowed us to translate the images into other communication tools. They can now be found everywhere in Taxperience's office: in the stairwell, on coasters and on folders. And on employees' business cards. Nice detail: they themselves could choose who they wanted on their cards. This way, everyone has a unique copy and, when meeting for the first time, they can immediately tell a story about the person they admire.

The icons will also travel with you on recognisable trolleys. Handing them out resulted in some healthy competition between employees. Some Taxperiencers were such big fans that they could hardly wait for the official handing out moment. We naturally hope that the colourful figures will also bring inspiration on business (or holiday) trips.

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