Activate target groups using direct marketing

In 1872, Montgomery Ward came up with the idea of sending his customers a price list of the most needed products for rural farmers. This due to absence of nearby shops. It is the world's first documented direct marketing action.

Direct marketing is often an understudy among all contemporary forms of marketing. However, direct marketing remains a rock-solid means of reaching the target group, provided the campaign is razor-sharp and really knows how to hit the target group. And did you know that using direct marketing can actually lead to the highest response rate of all your campaigns?


Direct marketing is all about direct contact between a company and its target group. Over the years, many different forms of direct marketing have emerged, mainly due to rapid technological developments. Examples of direct marketing campaigns are:

  • Direct mail by post
  • Telemarketing
  • E-mail

All these different forms of direct marketing have one characteristic in common, namely; they address the target group directly and incite them to action. For a successful direct marketing campaign, it is therefore very important to know your target group and understand what moves them.


With the sheer number of different types of advertisements a person is confronted with every day these days, as a business you quickly snow under. However, using a direct marketing campaign that really knows how to touch the target group gives you the opportunity to stand out and get your target group moving.

Another big advantage of using direct marketing is its measurability. By linking the incitement to action to the response of the target group, a clear response percentage is known. This allows you to know afterwards exactly what the direct marketing campaign delivered.

Standing out among your competitors

Of course, we know the average response rate of direct marketing, but Capital Advertising does not go for averages. We know what moves your target audience. And we also know how to move your target group. That is how we succeed in creating remarkably effective direct marketing campaigns, for example by fitting them into an integrated campaign. Would you like to stand out from your competitors and really appeal to your target group? Then contact the specialists at Capital Advertising.

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