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Stand out, generate leads and increase engagement

Anycoin Direct capitalises on the power of gamification

Bitcoin Halving is an event in which the reward for mining new bitcoins is halved. The purpose of the halving is to reduce Bitcoin inflation and create a scarcity effect, similar to precious metals such as gold. This affects the price and dynamics of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Bitcoin protocol is designed to have a halving every 210,000 blocks. Since blocks are mined every 10 minutes on average, the bottom line is that a Bitcoin Halving occurs about every four years. The most recent Bitcoin Halving was on April 20, 2024. An important event in the world of crypto, which Anycoin Direct could not simply let pass by.

Make crypto fun again
Founded in 2013, Anycoin Direct is a Dutch crypto exchange platform. You can buy, sell, trade and store crypto there. With more than a decade of experience, Anycoin is ready to guide both beginners and seasoned investors in managing their crypto. It is determined to make the currency accessible to everyone. It does so under the motto 'Make crypto fun again'.

Playful game
To celebrate Bitcoin Halving, we developed an accessible and fun game. The unique game challenges players to halve as many bitcoins as possible in 60 seconds to earn points. The more bitcoins correctly halved, the higher the score. But beware: halving other coins earns minus points. Players with the highest scores in the leaderboard could count on fantastic prizes from Anycoin Direct.

Increase engagement
A game fits perfectly within Anycoin's idea of making crypto fun, but it is much more than just a source of entertainment. Gamification is a powerful marketing tool, among other things, to get your brand noticed, increase engagement and generate leads. So too has Anycoin Direct experienced. With 9,783 unique registrations, the crypto platform's database has expanded considerably and existing profiles have been enriched. Moreover, from a content-based starting point, the Bitcoin Halving, Anycoin has playfully strengthened its connection with its followers and customers. Excellent results in the competitive market of crypto brokers.

Let's play!
Capital Advertising realizes gamification projects for clients complete from concept and execution to promotion and lead generation. Our team consists of creative professionals who ensure a unique concept and professional design, supported by technical online marketers who develop applications from scratch and cleverly promote them through online ads and social media. Benefiting from the power of gamification, just like Anycoin Direct? Get in touch with us via the form below or by calling  +31 (0)73 613 30 30.

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More brand awareness through PSV

Anycoin Direct builds its brand with sports partnerships

Despite its Dutch roots and success in Europe, Anycoin Direct does not yet occupy the nr. 1 position in the Netherlands when looking at the ranking of number of users. This is something they want to change with the sponsorship of PSV. Sports marketing has been a successful way to increase brand awareness for many years. Combine that with a global trend where crypto and sports meet, and you get a golden match.

Anycoin Direct en PSV

Completely new brand identity

Sparkling image as inspiration for corporate identity upgrade

Get a tax and notary office. And make it different from all the others. Taxperience from Den Bosch has not been so standard for years. The team at Capital Advertising gave them a corporate identity to match that look. With iconic figures, vibrant colours and a new pay-off.

Don't act standard. Set the standard.
Let's start with that new pay-off: Don't act standard. Set the standard. A combination of the previous slogan 'not so standard' and Taxperience's ambition to do better than everyone else in the industry. In other words: to not conform to the standard, but to set a new standard itself.

Taxperience brand identity

Launch F2 team Invicta Racing

For watch brand Invicta, Capital Sports' crew was active at the Holkham Hall estate in England in recent months. The US watch company has a great affinity with racing and has therefore sponsored a Formula 2 racing team since 2023. From 2024, this racing team will also bear the name of its sponsor: Invicta Racing. To make this move known among racing and watch enthusiasts worldwide, Invicta enlisted its regular marketing agency Capital Sports from Den Bosch, with whom it has had a close partnership for almost 10 years.

For the campaign, the crew travelled not to a race track, but to an English country house, close to the coast, several hundred kilometres north of London. The manor house Holkham Hall was built in the early 17th century by Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester of Holkham.


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