JustPadel launches World Class Black Friday campaign

Around Black Friday, JustPadel presented its premium padel rackets in an impactful way in partnership with Capital Sports. Among the advertisements, newsletters and many other expressions of competing brands, JustPadel stood out with a powerful concept and attractive content. The impact of the World Class Black Friday campaign was not only noticeable in sales figures, but also in the growing attention for JustPadel as the destination for top quality padel rackets.

Originally founded in 2016 with the aim of making padel accessible to all, JustPadel has developed into a leading brand in the fast-growing world of padel. The launch of their webshop in 2020 marked an important step, with JustPadel.com now offering an extensive range, from rackets to apparel and accessories, suitable for both beginners and experienced padel players.

For the World Class Black Friday Sale, we organised an eye-catching video and photo shoot with some of the Netherlands' best padellers, all top-25 players. They proved to be the ideal ambassadors for the exclusive campaign. The video and photo shoot not only provided appealing content for JustPadel's website, newsletters and social media channels, but also underlined the premium quality of the padel rackets.

The Black Friday campaign included a marketing strategy, focusing not only on sales, but also on highlighting the unique features of the rackets. Looking at the results and figures of the campaign, one cannot help but conclude that JustPadel more than succeeded.

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