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Larex is a leading temporary employment agency specialising in the placement of technical staff from Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. With a focus on the metal, electrical engineering and painting sectors, Larex offers skilled workers.


In the run-up to the European Football Championship, Capital Advertising launched an effective direct marketing campaign. The focus in this campaign was on the 'Larex internationals' - professionals of various European nationalities who excelled in their technical expertise and achievements. The campaign capitalised not only on the European Football Championship but also on the international diversity that characterises Larex. It highlighted the strength of a borderless and diverse team of skilled workers, ready to take on the challenges of the Dutch labour market.

By playing with the theme of football matches and 'internationals', this campaign put Larex on the map as an industry leader in attracting skilled workers from multiple European countries. The innovative approach, creative expressions and targeted strategy attracted the attention of many potential clients in the metal, electrical engineering and painting sectors.

The results were impressive; the campaign generated a lot of interest and led to a significant increase in new customers for Larex. The success of the campaign demonstrated not only the power of creative marketing efforts, but also Larex's ability to highlight its international skilled workers in a unique and effective way.

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