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Football connects millions of people worldwide. The Netherlands is no exception with 1.2 million enthusiastic participants every week. The sound of a pin falling in the street during important TV football matches is a well-known phenomenon, as the 6 million viewers to the 2022 World Cup final proves - despite the Netherlands' absence in the final match.

At Capital Sports, we share this passion and, as a marketing agency with Brabant roots, are proud of our long-standing connection with PSV. The Eindhoven-based football club, with its extensive fan base and numerous sponsors, including Capital Sports, offers us not only exciting matches but also valuable networking opportunities within PSV Business and the Legends Lounge. Here we share our enthusiasm for the game as well as strategies with other ambitious companies that support the club.

PSV Business box
PSV Business flyer

As experts in marketing and sports, we have helped many sponsors bring their brand to the attention of fans, generating new leads. We go beyond just supporting PSV; in times of limited contact moments due to corona, we assisted PSV Business with the 'Join the Club' campaign. In this, we playfully put sponsors in photos and shared them on social media, not only highlighting existing members of PSV Business, but also attracting potential members.

The impact was twofold: the campaign encouraged entrepreneurs to join the club, while existing members' businesses got new leads through prominent name recognition. With a thoughtful mix of paid and organic reach, a targeted landing page with lead form and a follow-up direct mailing with captainband and flyer, the number of PSV Business affiliates surpassed even pre-corona levels. In this way, Capital Sports has a role not only as a supporter, but as a crucial partner in strengthening the bond between companies and their passion for football.

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