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Pulskens Worstenbrood is pure passion. As lovers of the delicious Brabant tradition, we at Capital Advertising are quite proud to support this producer in the field of marketing and communication. At Capital Advertising we not only love good campaigns. We also never turn down a sausage roll. That's why we doubly enjoy working for Pulskens Worstenbrood.

Sales of sausage rolls show two peaks every year: one is just before Christmas, the other a few days before Carnival. It was up to Capital Advertising to use good communication to draw attention to Pulskens' sausage rolls throughout the year. A campaign on Facebook and Instagram, each loaded with up-to-date messages, proved to be the key to success.

The sausage roll is a typical roll from the province of North Brabant. It is about fifteen centimeters long and is filled with a sausage made of minced meat. Unlike the sausage roll, the sausage roll is not made of puff pastry, but of soft white bread dough. The sausage roll originated as a way to preserve meat longer by rolling it in dough and baking it. Among other things, Omroep Brabant has organized an annual championship in making the tastiest Brabant sausage roll since 1997. In March 2016, the sausage roll was included in the list of intangible heritage by UNESCO.

At Capital Advertising, we're always looking for fun new projects. And with us, "fun" is not a synonym for big budget. It is about the pleasure with which people work. About the passion people have for their profession. Because we have that passion too. The will to always improve and achieve goals that seem almost impossible.

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