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Solid communication plan leads huge audience to RoboCup

Picture this: Netherlands world football champion. A dream we cherish, but the European championship currently remains the high point in our country's football history. However, there is one exception to this: our robots. These technological athletes have already won the world title several times. Capital Sports played a key role in the excitement surrounding this particular highlight in Dutch football history.

Don't think of footballing puppets on a pitch; rather imagine lightning-fast robot footballers with three wheels instead of arms and legs. These robots are not controlled from the sidelines but are pre-programmed to play matches independently. No Louis van Gaal magic required, just the precision of advanced programming.

Maxima hands the robot flowers
Maxima shakes hands

Behind the success of these futuristic footballers is a team of clever minds programming the robots, where strategic insight is crucial. Robin Soetens, also known as the 'Louis van Gaal' of the Dutch robot team, shares insights: "Our strength lies mainly in strategy and passing. Our team masters that like no other, but we give that lead away straight away every year."

The idea of sharing knowledge with other teams at the end of the tournament is an integral part of the competition, Robin explains: "At that point, all teams' hardware and software is made public. Your knowledge is then accessible to everyone, which means you have to keep developing yourself for the next World Cup victory. This motivates us to continuously improve and reach the ultimate goal: integrating robots into our daily lives."

The excitement around RoboCup has been a global phenomenon for years. In 2013, the robot circus settled in Eindhoven, where even Queen Máxima visited the innovative spectacle. Capital Sports played an important role by sponsoring Tech United and handling the communication around the Robot Football World Cup. With a strong presence on social media, billboards along the A2 motorway and media attention, RoboCup managed to reach a huge audience that year. It became a triumph not only for the organisers, but also for the partners who had committed to the event. Thanks to powerful signing and good-selling merchandise, all made possible by Capital Sports, they came to the attention of an extensive national and international audience.

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