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Flavour activation generates brand awareness

For a producer of plant-based food, National Week Without Meat is naturally the perfect time for 'rumour around the brand'. Capital Advertising therefore developed and executed 'The Road Show' together with SoFine, which served consumers from Maastricht to Amsterdam not only surprisingly delicious food but also a serving of 'food for thought'.

SoFine The Friendly Food bus
SoFine Grab your free burger

SoFine is a brand with various plant-based products on the shelves of supermarkets across the Netherlands. After a clear briefing, we were able to realise 'The Road Show' in a short time. An effective concept that perfectly matches the desire to generate more awareness in an original way. Thus, the brand was visible on the NOS News and the campaign was picked up by numerous other media.

Capital Advertising provided the creative concept and was responsible for the entire execution. Data analysis shows that the online activation was a great success. The expected media value and reach were amply achieved.

Eating without meat or fish is getting an increasingly hipper image. The Netherlands has an estimated 1 million vegetarians and several million 'flexitarians', people who consciously leave meat and fish off their plates every now and then. The latter group is growing explosively, not only for health reasons, but also out of respect for nature. It seems to be a trend that is definitely continuing. The catering industry is also responding to this changing consumption pattern. Plant-based dishes are increasingly prominent on the menu.

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