Photo and video productions for a strong campaign

Capital Advertising has been developing audiovisual presentations and interactive formats for over 30 years. Such as commercials for TV and cinema, demos for exhibitions and conferences, games, social media visuals, product photos, websites with audiovisual elements, course programmes and film screenings for large audiences.

The power of images

A picture often says more than a thousand words. A message is better conveyed by capturing the imagination. Photo and video are therefore perhaps the most important components of a strong campaign. We are very aware of this at Capital Advertising. For instance, we created high-profile campaigns where photo and video dominated for clients such as S. Coifman, Invicta USA, TechnoMarine and Glycine.

Moreover, images define the look and feel of your brand or product. Thus, we see product and mood photography as essential components that should not be skipped when designing a new website. And not only for a new website or webshop, but also for your social media feed, e-mails or brochure, for example.

Professional and perfectionistic

Photography is art. But it is also a skill. Proper lighting, position and technique always require a professional. At Capital Advertising, we don't think about this lightly. That is why we have a complete camera team and on-site image editing facilities during photo shoots. For example, during the annual Invicta Cruise to the Bahamas, we take care of the photography, video recordings and social media posts, all directly on location.

All disciplines under one roof

We have all disciplines for photo and video under one roof. Strategy, creation and technology work closely together here. Text and image reinforce each other, so that the message is not only conveyed, but also appeals and sticks. This working method has already attracted many clients to 's-Hertogenbosch. 

Are you also interested in appealing photo and video for a new campaign, website or social media? Contact the specialists at Capital Advertising to discuss the requirements and possibilities for your company.

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