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At Capital Advertising, we cherish our long-term partnerships and there is one that truly holds a special place - Van Lanschot. We are proud to have stood side by side with this great bank since 1991. Our relationship is more than just business; it has been a journey full of creativity, challenges and, above all, friendship.

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Van Lanschot: client from the very beginning
The bond between Van Lanschot and Capital Advertising goes beyond business transactions. Both are rooted in 's-Hertogenbosch, which creates a special connection. As a company from Den Bosch, we feel honoured to work with the oldest independent bank in the Netherlands. Van Lanschot is, in the best sense of the word, a customer of the first hour. For more than three decades, their name has been on our client list. It is something we are extremely proud of. It speaks volumes about the trust the bank has in us.

An all-round partnership
What makes this partnership so special is that we act as an all-round marketing agency for Van Lanschot. We are there when they need us and we switch quickly. Whether it involves rolling out a new corporate identity, developing high-profile brochures, creating catchy advertisements, or designing a magazine or the annual report, we are ready to bring their vision to life.

Growing successfully together
The world of marketing and design is constantly changing, and we are proud to have grown together with Van Lanschot. We have had the opportunity to follow trends, come up with innovative concepts and, more importantly, communicate Van Lanschot's message in a fresh and engaging way. Since 1991, we have worked with Van Lanschot on countless projects. These projects vary in size and complexity, but our dedication remains unchanged. Whether creating a new corporate identity that reflects the bank's identity or developing informative and attractive brochures that appeal to customers.

Our secret: direct cooperation
A key feature of our cooperation with Van Lanschot is the direct collaboration between our designers and the bank's marketing department. There are no intermediaries in the form of account managers or traffic managers. This means we can switch quickly and communication is always clear and efficient. Maintaining a cooperation that has lasted for decades is no easy feat. It requires not only creativity and dedication, but also reliability and consistency. At Capital Advertising, we understand that honouring agreements comes naturally. It is a fundamental part of our approach.

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